Planting global brands.

As a management advisory and company consultancy we help you build a brand with digital DNA and a key edge in strategic sharpness. We can help you define your positioning, align your appearance and sharpen your output.

Our goal is to help your company establish meaningful relationships with influential costumers networks worldwide, enabling you to generate sustainable revenue in future markets.


A strategy-lead advisory producing premium brands
for influential audiences.


To enable you to generate revenue in future markets, we analyze structure and business streams, define targets and roadmaps and help you build the necessary in-house capabilities, skillsets and processes to future-proof your company, brand and marketing activities.


We make you fast, digitally connected
and ultra competitive.

Focusing on digital transformation and disruptive technologies, we identify and evaluate future markets, business cases and products, then build brands and content that help you to disrupt and engage on a global scale. 


1. Positioning

We analyze the market, identify new businesses opportunities and evaluate technologies. Then we stake your claim and find your sweetspot.

2. Appearance

Coming from your now razor-sharp positioning we check and upgrade your appearance. This includes Branding, Corporate Voice, UX and Guidelines. With the now given framework we delve into content strategies, channels and production capabilities.

3. output

We analyze company structures and define tools to streamline processes. Then we help you build up the necessary skillsets and resources to future-proof your output activities. This includes product innovation, benchmark analyzes and digital marketing.


Let’s GET YOU READY TO engage

The result of our work can be a guideline, a promotional video, a culture hack, a trans media campaign, the launch of a new venture or simply a ROI KPI. Find some selected examples below:

Employee Branding & Product Promotion Hubject GmbH – Video Series

Language: Dutch New IT services are boring, they say. Only IT people understand them, they say. Well, guess what? We have some great IT news to celebrate and we prove them wrong - and because that would be too easy, we are going to do it in 13 different languages.

Providing Category Leadership for Hubject Gmbh – Event Series ICNC

The ICNC has become the global go-to event for new mobility professionals and business leaders. More about the conference: www.icnc.hubject.com

Strategic Repositioning GASAG AG – Image Campaign


Sales Promotion & Activation for MINI – TVC


Transmedia Campaign for GASAG CSR – Culture Hack

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 19.08.56.png

Activation for GASAG CSR – Promotional Videos

Picturing the dreams and empowerment of Caspar & Alicia, one out of several hundreds of kids benefiting from GASAG's longstanding promotion of Berlin youngsters.



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